Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant: Your Questions Answered

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Natural Deodorant: Your Questions Answered

Posted by Hannah McManus, 14th May 2021

Let’s talk about sweat

Our bodies are amazing, and every bit of them has a part to play. While sweating can be inconvenient, it helps control our body temperature and contributes to our overall health.

But there can be downsides (sorry, body). Sweating too much can knock your confidence when you’re out and about, especially when you’ve got somewhere important to be. Plus, when sweat mixes with your skin’s bacteria, it can cause unpleasant odours.

Fortunately, there are plenty of products out there to help combat the negative effects of sweat. You’ve probably used antiperspirant or body sprays before, which can do a great job. But if you’re looking for a natural alternative, we’ve got your back (or your armpits). Read on for our lowdown on whether it’s worth swapping to natural deodorants and more about how they actually work.

Does natural deodorant work?

Yes, natural deodorants definitely work. However, they work in a slightly different way. Mainstream deodorants contain ingredients to stop you from sweating, as well as fragrances to reduce odour. Natural deodorants help neutralise any unpleasant smells and often include anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients to take care of your skin.

It’s worth bearing in mind that it can take a bit of time for your body to adjust and rebalance after using antiperspirants or mainstream deodorants. This transition phase can take a bit of time, during which you might smell a bit more funky than usual.

Make sure you do it the right way

Why is natural deodorant better?

Ultimately, whether you use natural deodorants or mainstream antiperspirants is totally up to you. But some people prefer natural deodorants because they can be gentler on the skin and don’t include synthetic chemicals.

Plus, natural deodorants don’t stop your body from doing what it’s supposed to do. If you prefer letting your bodily functions perform like they’re meant to, natural deodorant is definitely your go-to.


Why use a natural deodorant?

Natural deodorants are a great choice for those who want to know what ingredients they’re putting on their body. Most good-quality natural deodorants will have a clear and easy-to-understand ingredient list, making sure you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Plus, giving your skin a break from the sweat-blocking ingredients in mainstream antiperspirants may come with other benefits (like improved skin condition).


Which natural deodorant works best?

Honestly, it’s up to you and your body. Pick one that works best for your skin type and perspiration requirements is important. Our grapefruit natural deodorant is powered with great absorbency, plus it’s low in bicarb so its suitable for all skin types.


What is the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin?

While natural ingredients typically don’t include synthetic ingredients, it’s always good to check the label to be sure. Some incorporate lots of bicarb, which is perfectly fine for most skin types but could irritate sensitive skin. Look for low-bicarb options and soothing ingredients (like coconut oil and shea butter) if you’re worried about a reaction.

For example, our grapefruit natural deodorant features all-natural ingredients and a low amount of bicarb. Suitable for sensitive skin, this freshly scented natural deodorant subtly alters your skins natural pH level to prevent odour - without needing to block sweat glands. Or, choose from our range of other scents and formulas to discover the product that works for you.


Are natural deodorants safe?

Most natural deodorants are perfectly safe. Always choose a reputable brand, though (like ours!). We’re always upfront about our natural ingredients and never include ingredients that could harm your skin. Our deodorants are cruelty-free, vegan and don’t contain any aluminium or parabens. Plus, they come in an environmentally friendly tin.

If you have really sensitive skin, it’s worth testing your chosen deodorant on a small area first. While it’s unlikely you’ll experience a reaction, be sure to stop using the product if you do get any sensitivity.

It’s a good idea to pick a sensitive skin option if you’re worried. Our low-bicarb natural deodorant is your go-to.


How much natural deodorant to use

Natural deodorants are really easy to use. Scoop a pea sized amount onto your finger tip, then apply to your armpits. Your body temperature will warm the formula, making it glide on smoothly. You might want to re-apply a few times throughout the day, especially when you’ve just started using natural deodorants (our natural deodorant tins are handy for popping in your bag for on-the-go application).

As your body adapts, you might find that you need to apply less often over time.

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