7 Things to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

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7 Things to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Posted by Hannah McManus, 3rd September 2021

Looking for a way to unwind this weekend? Netflix marathon it is! We’ve got the best things to watch on there right now, so grab a glass of wine, pop on a face masque and your best comfies and let’s go.

 The Bold Type

A great series following young friends trying to juggle their career at a magazine, relationships and social life – it’s got a great sex and the city feel to it, so we’re obviously obsessed!

Dirty Dancing

A classic must-see! Spending the Summer at a mountain resort with her family, Frances “Baby” finds herself falling for the camp’s dance instructor – hello Patrick Swayze!

Good Girls

Funny, fresh and female-centred! Three moms hatch a supermarket heist in a bid for independence but not everything goes their way…

Brooklyn 99

Easy watching with so many laughs – follow Jake Peralta and Caption Ray Holt, along with their quirky team as they police the NYPD’s 99th precinct.


Leaving her job as a waitress to pursue a career on stage, Ali finds her place in a burlesque club run by a former dancer. Christina Aguilera is amaaazing!

 Someone Great

A firm favourite - After a break-up, before moving away to start her dream job, Jenny enjoys one last night in New York with her best friends. A feel-good film centering around three best friends finding their feet in adult life. With an amazing soundtrack (Lizzo – enough said), it’ll leave you in the best girl-power mood ever.


A great thriller series – when Nick is abducted, his family try to find out who is behind it and along the way uncover a sinister twist when he appears in an online video.