New mum tips for breastfeeding in public places post-lockdown

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New mum tips for breastfeeding in public places post-lockdown

Posted by Hannah McManus, 2nd August 2021

It's #BreastFeedingAwarenessWeek so we're talking public breastfeeding tips for new mums

Breastfeeding mums shouldn’t feel they have to stay home ready for feeding time – they should be able to enjoy the same freedom’s as everyone else! While many mums will already feel confident breastfeeding in public, others may not be used to being around lots of people in public post-lockdown.

Our top tips for new mums feeding in public

Pick clothes that you’ll feel most comfortable in

What you choose to wear is completely down to what you feel comfortable in. For those that want a fuss-free feed, nursing tops with a hidden opening are a great option. Oversized tees are also good for easy-lift, or even button-down shirts! Alternatively, layering up two tops can be a good option – using a looser fitting item as a cover-up and a snugger camisole type top underneath for warmth and for those worried about covering their belly.


Go for an easy-access bra

Stretchy sports bras work perfect, while nursing bras are also great for ease!


Practice at home if you’re feeling anxious

If you’re feeling worried about feeding in public for the first time, try practicing in front of a mirror at home. This way you’ll be able to see how this will look so you can adjust if wanted and feel more at ease!


Try to plan ahead if you're worried about feeling uncomfortable

While it’s not always possible, it can be good to think about where you’ll feel most comfortable feeding. Try asking any breastfeeding friends for recommendations if you feel this will help.


Try a nursing cover if you prefer privacy

Scarves or muslin cloths are perfect for a cover-up if you want a bit of privacy when feeding!


Remember that it’s perfectly normal and you’re within your right

You’re entitled to breastfeed in any public place in the UK and there are laws in place to protect mums breastfeeding, so don't feel that you're in the wrong.