The Best Galentines Films to Watch on Netflix

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The Best Galentines Films to Watch on Netflix

Posted by Claire Cavanagh, 12th February 2021

Galentine’s Day is one of our favourites

One of the most underrated holidays of the year, first created in an episode of Parks and Recreation and now a worldwide event, it’s a day purely for girls to celebrate their girls!

Even though you might not be able to get together physically this year, it doesn’t mean the celebration has to be any less! We’ve put together the ultimate movie-marathon for you to watch party with your girls this Galentine’s, so get into your best loungewear and make sure you’ve got good snacks and wine at the ready!

What to Watch this February 13th

1. Someone Great

A firm favourite - After a break-up, on the night before moving away to start her dream job, Jenny enjoys one last night in New York with her girlfriends. A feel-good film centering around three best friends finding their feet in adult life. With an amazing soundtrack (Lizzo – enough said), it’ll leave you in the best girl-power mood ever.


2. Clueless

As if we would leave this off the list! A 90’s classic that we can’t get enough of! Enter the life of Cher Horowitz – following her through high school life, Cher takes a new student under her wing and discovers a lot about herself the process. The outfits alone are reason enough to put this at the top of your list, plus it’s the perfect watch party to host with the Dionne to your Cher.


3. Mean Girls

A Galentine’s must, so fetch! Cady enters public high school for the first time, trying to find her place among the social hierarchy, when she is taken in by The Queen Bee and ‘The Plastics’ and learns that their world has a lot of rules (“On Wednesday’s we wear pink”). But when she breaks a golden rule, the nasty side of girl world is unleashed…


4. Easy A

“Whatever happened to Chivalry?” A seriously underrated film surrounding rumours and reputation - Olive sees her average high school status turn around when she uses the gossip grapevine to her advantage. But things don’t go as planned…


5. Wild Child

“Who are we?!” Throwing back to your school days (who secretly wished their school was like this?) Malibu girl Poppy is sent off to boarding school in England, where she makes a lot of enemies, but some amazing girlfriends along the way. A girls-night classic!


6. 13 Going On 30

When 13-year old Jenna’s birthday party doesn’t go to plan, she makes a wish to wake up “thirty, flirty & thriving”. Waking up to a seemingly perfect life, she thrives through her thirties-life but soon finds out that something is missing. With some serious girl-power moments, it’s a perfect Galentine’s choice!