The Valentine's Edit 2021

The Valentine's Edit 2021

Posted by Claire Cavanagh, 12th February 2021

Valentine's date nights will definitely look a little different this year.

Whether you're loved up, happily riding solo, or a single Pringle who's ready to mingle, we can all agree that last year was anything but a whirlwind a love. For many, the boundaries of love have changed - couples found that absence can make the heart grow fonder, and singles have found a new spontaneity within digital boundaries.

Our Valentines Edit

Whether you're transforming your living room into a chic restaurant or sharing a bottle over Zoom, there's no need for it to be any less special.

And V Day is definitely for the singles too. With more time spent at home, self-care has become the number 1 priority, and treating yourself should be top of your to-do list.

Explore our Valentine's Edit for everything you need for that perfect Valentine’s night in, whatever your relationship status.

The Valentine's Lust List

No.1 The prep work

It’s winter, you missed your summer holiday and maybe you haven’t paid too much attention to keeping those legs smooth. Now's the time to feel fabulous again. Our Prep, Shave and Glow Gift Set covers all of your shaving and tanning needs.


No.2 Hello red

Next the outfit. It’s time to put away those comfy Bridget Jones pants and get ready for a little romance. From Lemonade Dolls, the fierce red Educated Darling Set is the perfect delicate but comfortable lingerie choice. And after all, red is the colour of love.


No.3 Let’s shake it up

Now time for the juice! We're bringing the bartender to you, with limited effort and maximum results. So, dust off your martini glasses and and get pouring. This moment calls for a natural cocktail, shaped with taste and a twist of tradition, crafted to liberate that moment of spontaneity. Your moment is made.


No.4 Make it a date

During lockdown, you may have cooked your way to greatness, but we aren’t all Mary Berry. On this occasion, let’s leave the cooking to the pros. Love is on the menu and we want you to dine in. Everyone's favourite Frenchman Fred Sirieix has teamed up with M&S to deliver you their fuss-free and tasty Dine In deal, giving you a Valentine’s feast with a First Dates seal of approval.


No.5 Light the flame

Need to set the mood? Interlude's hand-poured soy wax candles and unique vegan scents provide the perfect background ambience. Worthy of the goddess of love herself, they're sure to bring out your inner Venus and fill your home with the smell of love.


No.6 The indulgent pair

Celebrating 2 of our fave things, the company Chocolate and Love certainly have a passion for quality. With their award-winning chocolate, these boxes are the perfect treat for chocolate lovers.


No.7 Let love blossom

As we know, roses don’t last forever (unless we're talking about our Rose Gold handle, of course). Fellow subscription company Lazy Flora can match you to your perfect plant - after all, love needs to be nurtured if you want it to last.

Ready to fall in love with your beauty routine again?