The best plastic-free home & beauty buys for July

The best plastic-free home & beauty buys this July

Posted by Hannah McManus, 21st July 2021

Going green doesn’t have to mean changing your entire lifestyle...

A few simple, sustainable swaps are all it takes. With Plastic Free July underway, we’re sharing some of our favourite products to make your home environmentally friendly. See ya, single-use plastics.

Refillable handwash:

Keeping your hands clean is so important (especially at the moment). There’s no need to chuck away your handwash bottle after use, though. Instead of throwing away those plastic bottles, invest in a refillable option. These often come with a ‘forever’ bottle, which you can top up as you need to with your favourite soap. Pick a brand that uses plastic-free refill bottles so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment each time you top up.

Our fave product: Kankan Refillable Handwash

Reusable makeup remover pads:

We all know how important it is to take your makeup off at the end of the day. But keeping your complexion clear often comes at a cost. Instead of using single-use cotton pads or face wipes, it’s time to choose something more sustainable. We love reusable makeup remover pads, which are easily rinsed after each use. Pop them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry every now and then to keep them fresh.

Our fave product: Face Halo makeup remover pads

Biodegradable tampons:

There are plenty of eco-friendly sanitary products out there. From menstrual cups to washable period pants, you’ll find a lot of different options to pick from. However, if you prefer to wear tampons, there’s no need to panic. You can protect the planet while wearing your preferred form of period protection. Choose a plastic-free, organic cotton tampon instead. These often come with recyclable cardboard applicators and are biodegradable too.

Our fave product: Ohne tampons

Eco Laundry Eggs:

Doing laundry can involve a lot of products. From detergents, fabric conditioners, scent boosters and dryer sheets, most of us have a host of go-to products to keep our clothes clean. Unfortunately, this means that our wash cycles can be quite harmful to the planet. There is a solution, though. Swap to using a laundry egg to make your laundry sustainable. These reusable eggs keep your clothes clean and fresh, thanks to the natural mineral pellets doing all the hard work. You can get dryer eggs too, which add a lovely fragrance to your clothes.

Our fave product: Ecoegg Laundry Eggs

Bamboo toilet paper:

You might not know it, but toilet paper isn’t great for the environment. The manufacturing process often involves cutting down forest trees to make the paper, and a variety of chemicals are used to make it white and soft. There are options available if you want to forgo toilet paper altogether: bidets are an environmentally friendly option, or you could opt for reusable wipes instead. If those don’t appeal, opt for responsibly-sourced bamboo toilet paper instead. Bamboo toilet paper doesn’t contribute to deforestation, and the manufacturing processes are usually more sustainable too.

Our fave product: Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Eco-friendly coffee cups:

If you’re anything like us, coffee is an essential on that morning commute. Instead of buying your favourite coffee in a single-use cup, look for eco-friendly options that you can refill. Most coffee shops will use your mug instead, making this swap even more simple. Look for plastic-free coffee cups if you can; glass, bamboo and ceramic all work well.

Our fave product: Ekobo coffee cups

Refillable cleaning sprays:

Keeping your home clean and sparkling can be a chore. While different cleaning products make keeping on top of the cleaning easier, they can harm the environment. Many cleaning products come in single-use plastic bottles and contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment too. Fortunately, it’s simple to swap out to a more sustainable alternative. With for-life bottles and minimal packaging refills, there are plenty of brands out there bringing eco-friendly products to our under-the-sink cupboards.

Our fave product: Smol refillable cleaning products

Shampoo bars:

Forget about clogging up your bathroom shelf with plastic products. Shampoo bars are a sustainable alternative and often don’t include any plastic or unnecessary packaging. They look after your hair using natural ingredients, reducing the number of harsh chemicals that go down the plughole too. Look for shampoo bars that double as a body wash too, reducing the need to buy separate products.

Our fave product: FFS shampoo bars